The findings of our research into online health communities are laid out on this website. You can read the work in its entirety, as a report, via the contents listing, below, and by clicking the next button at the bottom of each page. Or you can read selectively, perhaps starting with the executive summary and then moving to areas of interest.

Executive Summary


00. About

01. Introduction

02. Context


03. Technology as a Leveller

04. Finance and Business Models Constrain

05. Objective Truth Rules

06. Scale is a Bug not a Feature

07. Governance Reimagined, Governance Unwound

08. Online Identity Crisis

Design Principles

09. Inspired Individuals are Essential

10. Build Honest Brokers

11. Design for Internal Motivation

12. Build Architecture for Emergence


13. Encourage Deep Pluralism

14. Meta Capital not Venture Capital

15. Clustered Scaling

16. Changing the Change Story